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Seasonal and Annual Maintenance Schedule - Mobile Boat Repair

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Your boat needs special maintenance attention according to what season of the year it is in Florida, and there are things you need to make sure you do on an annual basis to keep your vessel in top condition. If you need yearly or seasonal service or repair, please contact us for more information and we will come to wherever your boat is docked.

Once a year, it is very important to invest in A/C descaling for better performance. When the water gets warmer, sea growth increases which in turn creates blockages in A/C water pumps and hoses. All plumbing should also be inspected, as a a broken water hose could sink the boat or cause major damage. It is also essential to check for updates to your marine electronics: updates can be due to tidal shifts, changes by manufacture to correct software issues, and to correct any GPS issues.

Seasonally, boat maintenance can be broken down to fall and spring:

Fall is preparation for the low temperatures of winter as well as less useage of the boat. Our seasonal maintenance for fall may include:

  • Fog engine with a rust prevention solution through-out engine and fuel system to protect internal engine parts.
  • Circulate non-toxic antifreeze through the engine cooling system.
  • Change engine oil and filters using only quality products.
  • Drain and refill lower unit lubricant, pressure and vacuum test lower unit if any indications of water exist, notify customer if present.
  • Apply anticorrosive grease to all metals including, outdrive fittings, shift and throttle linkages.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank(s) as required per gallon.
  • Disconnect hose connections as necessary and drain fresh water system, including sinks, water heater,livewells, washdowns and showers. Add and circulate non-toxic antifreeze. Toilet and holding tank winterized with non-toxic antifreeze.
  • Fog engine with a rust prevention solution. Circulate non-toxic antifreeze through the engine cooling system as needed. Change engine oil/filter as required.

Spring maintenance is de-winterizing and getting your craft water ready for the summer. Our seasonal services for spring launch may include:

  • Check and top off engine oil and lower unit lubricant due to settling, start engine and clear rust preventative solution, spot check hoses, belts, shifting, adjust idle speed and more.
  • Connect water system connections and make ready for use. Purge fresh water system and fill water tank.
  • Top off lower unit lubricant due to settling.
  • Start engine with pre-mix gas, cleaning rust preventative solution.
  • Inspect oil lines and clean oil filter on all injected motors as applicable.
  • Check shift operation, linkage and control cables. Inspect fuel filter, fuel lines, replace o-ring.
  • Adjust idle speed.
  • Top off crankcase oil on all four stroke outboards.
  • Suggest needed or advisable repair services.

Marine Services of Florida is completely mobile! Contact us to assist you with your watercraft service needs whether they are seasonal or of an urgent nature - we are a mobile marine repair company available for emergency calls in Florida.

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