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With all the risk you face while at sea, it is important to be prepared for any situation. Picture yourself on a nice sailing trip when you suddenly hit a large submerged object in the water. Your vessel begins to take on water and you are surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of water. Having a reliable VHF marine radio (such as the VHF radios manufactured by Furuno, iCOM, Raymarine, or Garmin) on board could save your life, and sometimes even your boat.

If you are facing an emergency you should immediately transmit to channel 16 with the following information. Repeat "MAYDAY" up to 3 times; state your name, nature of emergency, kind of assistance needed, your position, and the state of any injured passengers on your vessel. Wait for a response and if you do not hear anything back after 2 minutes, repeat all of the above information.

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