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New Smyrna Beach Boat Repair Services

Marine Services of Florida services and installs electronics specially suited for boats. Anytime electronic equipment not meant for water gets submerged, immediately turn it off to prevent internal shorts from damaging sensitive circuits. Saltwater is especially damaging. In the humid marine environment, any electronics or electrical equipment into which salt has insinuated itself is going to need to be serviced or replaced soon - new marine equipment is almost always the best choice in this situation.

Marine Services of Florida will come to you to inspect and replace damaged boat electronics. Any moisture in a marine electronic is likely to create internal shorts and cause rapid and irreparable damage. We can advise you on the best options for replacement and give you the peace of mind and convenience of a professionally installed device by our mobile marine service.

If you are looking for mobile marine services in New Smyrna Beach, FL, then please call us at (386) 931-6386.

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